THANK YOU TO PLATINUM SPONSOR Global container terminalS

A century of sustainable growth

For over a century, GCT Global Container Terminals has sustainably grown the Vancouver gateway with innovative technology, and our industry-leading Global Commitment to the environment and community.  Whether it’s introducing new environmentally-responsible equipment, ensuring early and responsive engagement on projects or increasing capacity without increasing our footprint, our efforts have made a difference.

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As we look toward the future, we remain committed to socially and environmentally sustainable growth and building prosperity together, and we are proud to sponsor  “The Declaration” conference.


Thank you to our gold sponsor project reconciliation

Indigenous ownership will put Reconciliation into action

Project Reconciliation is an Indigenous-led organization that wants  to buy a majority interest in the Reconciliation pipeline by raising  funds through equity markets at no cost to taxpayers. Most of the $7.6  billion in bonds needed will be underwritten by contracts with companies  that use it to ship their product.

An innovative structure makes it possible for Indigenous communities  in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan to own the pipeline. This  means the benefits that flow from resources found on traditional lands  will flow directly to Indigenous peoples—to fight poverty, improve  infrastructure, and fund clean energy projects that help transition to a  low carbon economy.

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 Project  Reconciliation represents new thinking, and the Trans Mountain pipeline  is a historic opportunity to show what Reconciliation in action really  is.