hard-won knowledge in how to build successful relationships

Progress to date

The principles of the UN Declaration on the  Rights of Indigenous Peoples are already standard operating practice for many Canadian businesses.

Who decides?

What constitutes an Indigenous governing body? Different communities have different answers to this. On Jan. 14, you'll find out why that matters. 

Billions of dollars in opportunity

The benefits to First Nations that participate in growth sectors of the B.C. economy will be measured in billions of dollars.

Join the Showcase for Success

Indigenous leaders and their business partners will converge on our stage to discuss how they have been using UNDRIP principles to build shared success.

There is already a strong track record

There are about 50,000 Indigenous businesses in Canada, and they are growing at nine times the rate of non-Aboriginal businesses, according to the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business.

A better alternative

In the words of Chief Sharleen Gale: "We don’t want to be in the courts, we want to take equity stakes and participate in the economy in our territories.”


What the news media is saying

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples — adopted unanimously by the B.C. legislature — throws open the door to “economic reconciliation” on an unprecedented scale, writes Randy Shore in The Vancouver Sun. The Jan. 14 event is for people who want to learn what this means in practice. 

Major Event Partners

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
First Nations Major Projects Coalition


Thank you to our Event Planning Partner, Coast Communications and Public Affairs.


Our conference is open to all. This event is of special interest to:

  • BUSINESSES AND INVESTORS: Aligning with the principles of the Declaration is good for business. Hear organization leaders explain how they have done things. 
  • ORGANIZATIONS & PROFESSIONALS: Leave with fresh ideas, a larger professional network, and first-hand understanding of how decades of co-creation already point the way to valuable outcomes.
  • ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT:  Implementing the Declaration requires an action plan that is transparent and accountable.


A vision for positive change

Let's generate shared prosperity by building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. You can be a part of this.

Conference location is "under the sails" at the Vancouver Convention Centre (East),

Vancouver Convention Centre (East) – All-day Tuesday, January 14, 2020



A Unified Approach

Image above is from October 24, 2019 in the British Columbia Legislature, the day that Bill 41 was introduced. Subsequently, all 82 members of the House voted in favour of the Act.